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02 May 2008

Test: Does My Life Have Purpose?

Are you living your life on purpose? Do you know what your purpose in life is? Here's a free 2 minute test to rate your own sense of purpose.

You know when you’re living your life on purpose – it is the type of lifestyle that follows after first finding out how to live a pleasurable or happy life. When you’re living with purpose and meaning you get a rich sense of fulfillment that goes beyond sensory satisfaction or pleasant emotions. I have found that most people have a deep understanding of this subject and how they see themselves in relation to it – as if we were made that way.


[You’re seeing this because your browser can’t play the flash file which is a shame because it was quite good.]



When most people notice that their life lacks meaning or purpose they look to their outer circumstances first – job satisfaction or relationships or social life for purpose. And there can be success doing that. However, I would stress the importance of working on inner meaning first; those ‘how do I fit into the bigger picture’ questions. Or even asking God (in whatever way you define him/her), ‘how can I serve you’. Of course inner and outer purpose are very much linked but it is far easier to find outer purpose and meaning once inner purpose and meaning are found.

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Your comments:

A very useful little test - I’d be interested to know what my results would have been 3 years ago, before I found my faith - they would have been much lower I’m sure.
Though I understand some people may scoff when I say that Christianity has changed my life for the better.

#1. By Mike on May 05, 2008

I found 2 min testfor finding purpose really interesting but has left me realising that I need to identify my inner purpose asnd havent a clue how to go about that!

#2. By Jean on June 02, 2008

OK so the test proved what I already know, that I feel I have no purpose.  Now what am I supposed to do about it?!

#3. By Jon on October 06, 2008

Help! My scores were 3’s and 4’s

What times/days does the evening course take place on.

Help! xj

#4. By Jodie Brown on March 19, 2009

good test - made me really think as I was doing it, rather than focussing on the results at the end - helped me fous on which bits are ‘missing’ - thank you!

#5. By charlie on September 01, 2009

My life lacks everything! I scored 1/10 in all 3 areas. I am also wondering what I do with this information now…Thanks, though.

#6. By Donna on September 29, 2009

This showed me what I knew- my life is rubbish at the moment, but how do I change it?

#7. By caroline on November 17, 2009

What can I do about it?

#8. By caroline on November 17, 2009

Thanks - helpful words - I have always known Jesus as my friend - and always believe that He has a plan for me, (like everyone else) - but, no matter how often I pray or “just get on with my life “trusting all will be revealed in His time - nothing changes - I know God has not forgotten me - but sometimes,I feel like I have been waiting for ages and ages.
Never mind, guess my time will come - some day!

#9. By H on January 04, 2010

So I still don’t know my purpose.  Will I ever?  Is my purpose simply just to be?  Is my purpose that I don’t know my purpose and I’m here for other people’s purpose?  i believe in jesus christ and know i’m going to heaven, but what do I do now?  It would be nice to figure this out.

#10. By chris on January 23, 2010

No surprises,knowing that I need to find inner self/purpose and here,obviously,as have no idea how to really do/be/pursue it!

#11. By james on February 07, 2010

Interesting test.  I’m not the most faith-based person, tho I scored 8/10.  I believe that one’s purpose and satisfaction in life is derived from how they react to life’s circumstances.  I also believe that life is a really, really big classroom with lots of neat stuff in it.  I do yoga/meditation, too which brings about inner peace.

#12. By Lisa on April 21, 2010

i used it, kinda helps with the tip:‘When most people notice that their life lacks meaning or purpose they look to their outer circumstances first – job satisfaction or relationships or social life for purpose’.

but i still feel kinda blank

#13. By Me on May 19, 2010

4/10 don’t know what to do now though!

#14. By S on September 14, 2010

Another great test, thanks again for sharing. Interestingly I initially felt the same as others when scoring a low on all 3 areas 3 or 4/10 and a little deflated at both my score and at first glance receiving little or no answer.
I am a believer and often wonder that a true calling will wake me to feel purpose. However this has reminded me and fanned a flame to refocus on “how can I serve God”. In serving others we find happiness and feel more complete. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”. Thanks again :0)

#15. By Amanda on November 10, 2010

I did this test exactly 3 years ago. Those results were 5/ 3/ 6 out of 10.  Back then I was so drained mentally, depressed & damaged.

This time I got 7/ 7/ 7 out of 10!!

Wonderful ay.  I look forward to next time it being 9,9,9!  I have more goals to reach, but to be more clear and confident BUT am so pleased that I’m much stronger & capable than I was.

Thanks for the clarity your test has given me!!

#16. By Brenda on November 18, 2010

Good tool.  It confirms that I am on the right path in life.

#17. By Mark on January 04, 2011

I seem to be more focused than I thought. I have a real sense of purpose but thought I was making slow progress. Need to resolve the difference between my inner and outer sense of purpose. Thank you

#18. By Ann Pryce on May 15, 2011

Another excellent tool from you.  I just have to get to the point where my outer sense of purpose matches my inner sense of purpose….that they are aligned.

Thank you…I will keep on working on it.

#19. By Cathy Sobers on July 09, 2011

wow im lost guess im done

#20. By dave on July 31, 2011

  5/10 suits my feeling of complete entropy frozen unable to move forwards !this to will pass

#21. By sian on October 08, 2011

I got a 2, 3, and a 1.  Its a bit high for what i expected but shows that I am right about feeling like I have no purpose.

#22. By Adam on December 06, 2011

I completed the test & my score was 2/10 which i already knew would be low. I know my problem what I dont know & have spent many years trying to find out is “What is my life purpose” or “Why am I here” If anyone has any suggestions then please email me bev.moss47@yahoo.co.uk

#23. By Beverlea moss on January 04, 2012

0’s and 1’s - no hope!

#24. By Lara on March 14, 2012

As far as a basic, 10-question casual test is concerned, reasonably acceptable. The few points of debate can be found in the use of issues such as ability to concentrate, mental stillness and ease/difficulty in making decisions, all of which are much more defined by individual personality nature and characteristics than by having a clear sense of purpose. For those who struggle with the question of purpose: as a start it may help to know that you are never given a question without you also being in possession of your answer. The question of purpose originates not in your mind, but in your soul, presenting a steppingstone or passage, if you want, for you to discover your purpose.

#25. By Arjan Bogaers on December 28, 2013

Look forward to doing the test

#26. By julie on February 11, 2014

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